Gas Stations

Investing in research and possessing the necessary know-how, we designed and manufactured a series of electronic products that work effectively in numerous gas stations throughout Greece.

Input – Output System


Compliant with the legislation in force


We created the Input-Output system from scratch, designed the appropriate software (console) and manufactured the control devices (pump and dipstick controllers) required for the smooth operation of a gas station.


Comprehensive solution enabling invoicing aboard a fuel truck

Remote invoicing with GasM- Invonet of ELBIS

Comprehensive solution for invoicing aboard a fuel truck, fully compliant with the new regulations. Includes mobile, tablet and thermal printer applications.

Fuel Management System for private fleets

Automated process system for refueling company vehicles

Comprehensive solution enabling invoicing
STAGE I – Pericles

For gas stations on the ground floor of multi-story buildings

We designed, developed and manufactured all the Stage I equipment required for the operation of existing gas stations and car parking lots located on the ground floor of multi-story buildings, in accordance with the requirements of the Legislation.
Includes the market leading SCULLY ST-47C Groundhog grounding system.

Our products